“80% by 2018” is a shared goal to have 80% of adults aged 50 and older regularly screened for colon cancer by 2018.

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Colon cancer by the numbers

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Get Screened

Regular screening is one of the most powerful weapons for preventing colon cancer. If polyps are found during colon cancer testing, they can often be removed before they have the chance to turn into cancer. Testing can also result in finding cancer early, when it’s smaller, easier to treat, and more likely to be curable. If you’re 50 or older, talk to your doctor about which test is right for you and get tested as often as recommended.


Screening Overview

No one looks forward to a colonoscopy but colon screening helps save lives. Learn about the tests that can be used to find polyps and cancer.

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Together We Can Prevent Colon Cancer

Help us reach the share shared goal of 80% screened for colon cancer by 2018.

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